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COVID 19 Site Visit Application Form

Horizon Telecom Ltd are committed to ensuring the safety of our staff and our customers and we are currently having to adapt our working practices due to COVID-19 or Coronavirus.

We are continuing our essential installation and support services but have had to review some areas of work because of the potential for contact between people and the spread of the virus. 

At this moment in time our field engineers and survey staff will continue to undertake site visits in relation to all types of essential installation work. 

However, the way in which our site visits will be undertaken is restricted and will follow the below process. 

1. All customers requesting a site visit must complete the form detailed below.

2. All site visits will need to be pre-arranged and will only be carried out on the following basis; 

a) The Horizon staff member and the customer should always remain at a minimum 2 metre distance.

b) Suitable hand washing facilities should be made available to the Horizon staff member when entering and leaving the property.

c) Ideally the Horizon staff member should be left unaccompanied and allowed to work alone but if the customer wishes to remain present, they must stay at a safe working distance.

d) The area of work should be well ventilated and if possible, a window should be opened to increase ventilation.

e) If there is any gate, doorway or means of enclosure that needs to be opened for the Horizon staff member to enter the site, this will be opened in advance of the pre-arranged site visit to minimise contact with any surfaces.

f) No animals/pets shall be present at the time of the site visit. 

COVID-19 Questionnaire

The following questions will need to be answered by the person requiring the site visit and provided they are able to answer ‘no’ to each we will proceed to schedule the site visit date and time.

I agree to the Horizon Data Privacy Policy *