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Leased Lines

We supply Ethernet Leased Lines which are dedicated high-speed circuits direct to the Internet providing uncontended bandwidth with equal upload and download speeds.

Leased Lines are normally supplied on fibre but can use copper cable pairs such as with EFM circuits (Ethernet First Mile) which are lower cost and quicker to install because they use existing copper cables. EFM circuits are only available in certain locations and are usually between 4 and 20 Mbps in speed depending on the distance from the Telephone Exchange (ie. the closer you are the faster speed you can get).

Fibre Leased Lines can run much faster and we supply circuits up to 1GB, and they typically take 6 to 8 weeks to install.

Leased lines can be for 100% Data use or if using VoIP Telephony part of the Bandwidth can be segregated and dedicated to Voice traffic only thus ensuring that sufficient Bandwidth is always available for speech and avoiding any possible speech quality issues.

Our circuits are Fully Managed by our ISP from end-to-end including the Cisco Routing equipment on site which means they are far more reliable and resilient than normal Broadband services.

To provide a Leased Line quotation we need a telephone number and/or Post Code for the site and then we can generate a quote very quickly which gives a firm rental price and an installation cost which is subject to a site survey.

The survey is carried out by Openreach and has a typical lead time of around 2 weeks and is free if you decide not to go ahead with the installation, but chargeable at £350 if you do go ahead. The survey officer visits site to ascertain how much work and materials are required to get fibre from the nearest fibre hub location in the street, into the building to the required location.

After the survey has taken place we will let you know whether Extra Construction Charges (ECC's) are applicable and how much they are, and there will normally be ECC's unless there is already fibre in the building which can be utilized.

At this point you will know the total confirmed cost for installation and rental and can decide whether to proceed or not.

Typical Monthly Rental prices start from £300 for EFM and £400 for Fibre Leased Lines.