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Broadband & Telephone Lines

As a BT Openreach Approved Communications Provider we can provide telephone line and Broadband installation, rental and on-going maintenance for very competitive prices.

Telecoms connectivity is supplied using the appropriate medium depending on the application and requirements as follows;

Analogue lines: used for standard Broadband service, Red-Care Alarms Credit Card machines and general Voice Telephony including telephone systems available as single lines or multiple line groups.

ISDN lines: digital phone lines used for Telephone System voice connections.

SIP Trunks: Voice-over-IP (VoIP) lines connected via Broadband used for Telephone Systems and Remote-Workers.

Broadband: normally for Data usage with 4 different technologies depending on equipment available in the local Exchange. Highest speed currently available for standard Broadband is via Optic-Fibre at 80MBp's download/20MBp's upload.

Assured VoIP Broadband: dedicated Voice-only or converged Voice & Data service which use IP technology for Voice Telephony but do not run over the Public Internet and with built-in Quality-of-Service to ensure high quality speech transmission. This is the recommended circuit for SIP Trunk and Hosted Cloud telephony connections.

Leased Lines: a high-speed Internet circuit direct to your premises with equal and uncontended upload/download bandwidth and normally delivered on optic fibre.