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Top 10 Reasons Businesses Turn to Managed IT ServicesTop 10 Reasons Businesses Turn to Managed IT Services

Typically, the IT department of most organisations are overworked and usually have quite a tough time solving issues quickly. Further, slow networks can bog the IT team further and getting all the things done efficiently can be quite a hassle. Read more >

Benefits of Using a UK Based Cloud Backup ServiceBenefits of Using a UK Based Cloud Backup Service

Protecting the data of your business is extremely important, as any data breach that occurs can cost your organisation several millions of pounds. So, it is vital that you must take all precautions to safeguard all your company information and keep it saf Read more >

Cloud Storage vs Cloud BackupCloud Storage vs Cloud Backup

When the two terms cloud storage and cloud backup come up, usually they are mistaken to be one and the same. However, it is important to understand that these two are quite different from one another. Read more >

Backup as a Service – Benefits to BusinessBackup as a Service – Benefits to Business

Today, using online data backup services is becoming extremely popular. The backup service usually saves the data of businesses in data centres which are dispersed geographically, and this saves organisations additional hardware. Read more >

Cloud Backups from Horizon Telecom – BenefitsCloud Backups from Horizon Telecom – Benefits

While you may be using a service such as Apple iCloud, Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage to backup, store and synchronise all the data of your organisation and you feel that local backups are not required because you are using the cloud, then it may be wi Read more >